Property Management, Commercial & Residential

                Property Management:  I manage, on an ongoing base, commercial and residential properties and offer limited or full service management of properties.  I work with owners and tenants, providing a pro-active management presence.  I market and promote properties to secure qualified tenants. I take all reasonable steps to collect and enforce the collection of all payments and charges due owners in accordance with the terms of their leases.  Within the limitation of owners expense budget, I work to make sure the asset is property maintained to protect the owner’s investment and to provide a safe and comfortable environment for tenants.  If I am providing full service management, then expenses are monitored and prompt payment is made as well as working with the property’s maintenance companies.

Commercial Real Estate Services:  I work primarily with the sale and leasing of commercial property.  I work with investors looking for well-priced properties, including apartments and tenants looking for commercial office, industrial and retail space to lease.  I don’t work with the sale of business opportunities or with properties that may be better served by larger real estate companies.

General Real Estate:  This category is generally residential real estate.  Most agents start in this area and as they gain experience, may consider branching out or including other areas of real estate.  For me, listing and selling homes has always been satisfying because unlike Commercial Real Estate and Property Management, there is an emotional element involved.  I love working with buyers and sellers solving their real estate problems and guiding them thru the process and steps to home ownership.

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