Drop Shipping, Amazon FBA, Affiliate Marketing


Buying and selling online is one of the fastest growing areas of retail sales.  The ease of selecting merchandise & making a purchase has made this popular choice for consumers.

E Commerce is a broad category and there are many different ways you can approach this business.  Part time, full time, buy at thrift stores and sell or buy at bargain closeouts and resell on line.  You can buy from wholesalers here in the United State, China or anywhere there are products with good prices and good profit margins.

Some people make a lot of money at this business, some make extra money for college,  a nice vacation or put money away for retirement.  Like any kind of business venture, you have success stories and stories of how people tried and failed.


For me, this is a good business.  I will not probably get rich at it but it does bring in extra income that allows my wife and I to put away some money for retirement, be our own boss, work part time and take nice vacations  on the beach, when we want too.

As I mentioned above, there are other ways to make money online too. Find goods at garage sales and resell, monetize your hobby etc.  

 Here are three of the most common ways people make money with E Commerce to consider.

Drop Shipping vs Amazon Fulfillment vs Affiliate Marketing

  • Drop Shipping:

Drop Shipping is a retail fulfillment model where the individual purchases goods from a wholesaler and handles the shipping.   Prime Source Commercial usually works with Alibaba and Aliexpress as our wholesale suppliers.  But we have companies here in the United State that we work with as well.

A website featuring products from the partnered wholesaler is sold retail and usually is shipped under our name.  In some cases, we make arrangements to have the product shipped with a private label that we design so the package is special and not generic.

  • Fulfillment by Amazon  FBA: 

Prime Source sends product inventory to one or more of Amazon’s fulfillment warehouses and then advertise the products on Amazon.  Prime Source determines the price.  When the product is sold, Amazon handles the packaging, shipping and any returns that may happen.

  • Affiliate Marketing:

As an Affiliate Marketer, Prime Source earns a commission by promoting other people or company’s products.  While this is one of the easiest ways to begin, it is also one that pays the least.

E Commerce can be Fun!